Monday, December 31, 2018

Increase Traffic On Your Fresh Website || Easy Methods

Hey Guys! Today I will tell you about how you can drive traffic to your fresh website Super Fast.So, it's all depends on your hardwork.I will tell you a method , if you guys work hard on this method I am damn sure you will soon see Good results.One more thing if you guys are thinking that it's trick which will anounymously imcrease your traffic then Sorry.It's just a simple method by which you can drive traffic to your website.So let's get started without any further delay.

#1 Create Backlinks On Hinglish Sites :

Yes Guys! you read it right! You just have to create backlinks on Hinglish sites.You guys don't belive but it's a real and trusted method.Nowadays, Hinglish blogs are very popular and everydays millions of traffic drive on it.People normally ignore hinglish blogs for backlinks but they are really powerful blogs for real and quality backlinks.

Daily millions of visitors Came on Hinglish website to read articles and if they like that they go straight to the comment section just to catch the opinions of other that what people are questioning to the blog author and what he is answering.As you know hinglish is very popular in asia and most of the asian countires people write and read Hinglish.That's the reson behing huge traffic on Hinglish sites.

How To Find Best Hinglish Sites For Backlinks ?

It's a very easy task.There is no method or rocket science in it.You Just have to Enter the keyword in Google and Write questioning words of hinglish after it and after that put "Leave Reply" in the end of sentence. For Examples.

  1. Seo Kaisa Kare Leave Reply
  2. Backlinks Kaisa Banaye Leave Reply
  3. Seo Kia Hota Hai Leave Reply
  4. Best Backlinks Banany ka method leave reply
  5. Apni website par traffic kaisa laye leave reply.

Note: After creating backlinks you have to index it.Just simply after commenting copy the link of the next page which will appear after commenting then Open and put the link in all three section.Then click on Check All and then click on Send Ping.!!

 #2 Drive Traffic through QUORA ! :

As you guys know Quora is the top site question & answer site.It has millions of traffic everyday.Millions of question and their answer got posted everday on Quora.Quora is also a great source of traffic for your fresh site.You just have to create a account and find question related to your articles which you want to rank or on which you want traffic. Just answer handsomely on the question and try to answer in detail.And put the link of your site in the end of your answer.If your answer is  Good people will Upvote it and you will get huge traffic through it.

Tip: You can create multiple accounts to UPVOTE your answer. ;)

Quora is an amazing source of huge traffic.Many Pro blogger use quora for quality Backlinks.

These are the two simple and really easy method which normally people don't use infact many people didn't know these but these two are just amazing methods and are really amazing for driving huge and quality traffic on your site.Just try these methods atleast once and see the amazing results.

Hope you guys like this article.Have A Good Day.Take Care. :)


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